Social commitment and corporate culture.

Metallwerke Renner GmbH is rooted in the region and benefits from it in particular. That is why we feel a special responsibility and want to give something back to her.

The main reason for our social commitment is that we enjoy working with committed people, associations, institutions and projects. We are convinced that our society is brought forward through voluntary work.

Social commitment and corporate culture consist of four pillars: sustainability, top and hobby sport, promotion of diversity and art and culture.


Initiator for environmentally friendly
and durable products.

Our disposal and industrial products meet tomorrow’s requirements today. The protection of the environment plays a central role here. When developing our products, we only consider solutions that stand out due to their environmental compatibility, energy efficiency and the recycling of raw materials.


Sponsoring partner and ambassador for our region.

As a responsible company in Münsterland, we are not only committed to the well-being of our employees, but also see ourselves closely linked to the region, local institutions and associations. As in top-class and popular sport, it is also true in business that fairness leads to a successful collective.


Opportunity giver and
Promoters of diversity.

The project “Everyone has a chance” paves the way for people with disabilities to enter the labor market. In 2018 we received the innovation award of the state of NRW for this. For us, the price is an incentive to continue like this in the future. Inclusion should be an integral part of the company philosophy and thus be part of everyday life. We are one of the first to sign the Diversity Charter.

Arts and Culture.

Supporters of
Creativity, art and culture.

On the cultural-artistic level, we support, among other things. the Ahlen city festival as an international cultural festival and undisputed cultural three-day highlight in the region, on the brightly decorated market square. The in-house exhibition “Art in the Metal Works”, which presented works by Jürgen Henke and many other renowned artists, among others, remains a highlight.

We do support:

We support numerous activities in and around Ahlen. We sponsor the Rot-Weiß-Ahlen association, promote the city festival of the city of Ahlen, the Benjamin project of the St. Franziskus Foundation, the BSK 27 Ahlen, Vorwärts Ahlen, support the InDuStrie Ahlen initiative, the Holtermann house and are in dialogue with them all types of schools for training and internships.

We do work - internally and externally.

We want to actively shape the world in which we want to live. That is the thought on which every decision should be based: also and especially when it comes to entrepreneurial activity. That is why we take responsibility for our environment. We offer our employees fair pay and secure jobs. We know no barriers and we focus on diversity: Regardless of training level, position, origin and gender, every employee can and should contribute his or her ideas.

In addition to social responsibility, which is also reflected in the company philosophy, we value compliance with ecological recommendations for action. Thanks to efficient flow of goods and sophisticated logistics, unnecessary transport routes are avoided. Our ecological footprint is important to us, environmental aspects are deeply anchored in our business decisions – from product development to the production process. We continuously review our services and products in order to promote environmentally friendly solutions in all areas. The reduction of energy consumption is one of the company’s goals. At the same time, we ensure compliance with environmental and social standards in the manufacture of the products.

Social commitment is very important to us: We have an open ear for projects and concerns that benefit people in the region and nationwide.

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