The Business Principles of Metallwerke Renner GmbH

RENNER has developed individual values that provide a foundation for our daily work. The principles of our business specify the standards we have set for our products, services and relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

Metal is our passion. No other material is as fascinating, as versatile to handle and process, so robust and durable. We use these excellent properties to construct our products, which are not just practical but also look good. From waste containers to our old classics for garden and yard, our products are always perfectly crafted and visually attractive. That is how RENNER ensures that our world is a little bit more beautiful and remains that way for generations to come.

Our employees are the foundation of our company. They strive to be competent, honest, selfresponsible, self-critical, committed and fully involved in our team-operated business. We create an inclusive and supporting working environment in which our employees feel comfortable.

For our costumers, we want to be more than just a supplier; we strive to be a fair partner. That is why RENNER provides flexible solutions that inspire our costumers. Therefore, open and honest communication is essential.

We are a medium-sized, internationally active family enterprise with more than ninety years of experience. Since 1923, we have taken risks and learn from our mistakes, which has allowed us to embrace innovation and progress.

Our short distances, flat hierarchy and autonomous work environment allow us to come to fast decisions within the company.

As a traditional company, we have an economic and ecological commitment towards future generations. For us it is therefore essential to integrate eco-friendly thinking into our production and distribution. This means that we use our available resources in a sustainable manner. Using greenelectricity, recyclable resources and sustainable techniques in our production are just some of the eco-friendly practices that are especially important to us as a company.

We have high quality standards, which apply to our products as well as our knowledge. We have an obligation to maintain the good reputation that we have achieved over the years. To ensure the quality of our product we carefully select materials, ensure that our products are produced in our facilities and enforce strict quality controls. Our costumers can rely on us.

Our service is timely, fast and flexible so that we can o!er fast solutions for you. We learn from our encounters with costumers instead of taking a habitual approach.

Respect, dignity and decency are the basis of our company culture. We have no tolerance for discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity or gender.We keep our responsibility to society and humanity in mind when making decisions. We are involved in cultural events, sports and other recreational activities.

Diversity creates added value. Everyone at Metallwerke Renner has unique talents and different backgrounds. We want to create the opportunity for everyone to make a contribution through their own perspective and to benefit from the different ways of thinking of others. We want to promote creativity, innovation and collaboration by bringing different perspectives together. We know: everyone makes the difference. Diversity means focusing on a heterogeneous workforce and valuing all employees equally in terms of their diversity. For this reason, diversity is firmly anchored in our mission statement. Responsibility and diversity are opportunities.