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Competence and Experience with Sheet Metal Work

RENNER-This is how beautiful clean can be.

RENNER-reliable quality.

RENNER-Made in Germany.

Contract Galvanization

Contract Powder Coating

Contract Productions

90 years of innovation &

quality products from Ahlen

Waste Disposal Products for outdoor areas

Industrial Products and sheet metal products

Contract Galvanization, Contract Powder Coating & Contract Productions


Waste disposal products for outdoor spaces

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Industrial goods and sheet metalproducts

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Subcontract Manufacturing

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Face to Face with the Chancellor 

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RENNER informs:
Battery collector "Amperinchen"

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RENNER excellent:
Our Model 7707-20 is an award-winner!

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RENNER informs:
The new Stand Ashtrays

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Stay informed:
Preview the first chapter of the new 2015/2016 Renner Industrial products catalog

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RENNER is a Schalke-Partner

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RENNER-the innovative think tank

in the M├╝nsterland


Design meets Function.
Detail-oriented perfection is the signature of our products.

Since 1923 and for four generations, our family-business is employing nearly 50 people.

The entire product lifecycle, from product design to construction, surface-finish, mounting and delivery, takes place in Ahlen, the company’s headquarters. Throughout the entire product lifecycle, our company fosters a culture of innovative creation using the most modern production tools.

We were founded as a production company for galvanized home appliances but are now specialized in high quality sheet-fabricating, hot-dip galvanization and powder coating. The company’s long-term success has been due to the active blending of tradition and innovation.


Eco friendly - Let us turn our world into a nicer place every day.

That is our company's motto when creating products for urban and public spaces.