Industrial Products

The high quality of our products and our 90-year industry experience promises safe and easy steps to transfer and collect products and waste in the industrial sector.

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Tin Plate Items for


Industrial Needs 


Practical packaging made ​​from the finest steel.

Our high quality tinplate packaging for industrial fillings is available in different shapes and sizes. For the adequate implementation of your packaging requirements, we provide conical and cylindrical buckets, cans and pails of tinplate. Different filling volumes as well as versions that are unpainted, painted, printed are available. Possible areas of application for our tinplate packaging are the chemical engineering, automotive, construction chemicals, coatings and paints, adhesives and food industry.


Our product characteristics:

  • gefertigt aus Weißblech
  • easy and comfortable handling
  • 100% recyclable
  • solvent resistant 
  • conductible
  • lightproof
  • suitable for industrial use
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Here you see selected products from our standard product range "Tin Plate Items for Industrial Needs ".