The common standard can not be our standard. When designing and manufacturing our products, we do not make compromise in terms of quality.


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Made in Germany


In our production we use innovative technologies. But when it comes to values, we are very traditional: RENNER stands for quality, reliability and customer service.

RENNER has been developing and manufacturing its products for over 90 years in Germany and is one of the oldest German company in the field of metal processing and galvanizing.

With detail-oriented quality, we are creating exceptional products that are made to last. To meet this requirement and to be able to carefully monitor each production step, we develop and produce in Germany - now and in the future.

Sustainable ecollogically-friendly

RENNER disposal and industrial products already meet the requirements of tomorrow. Protecting the environment plays a central role. Even during the development of our products, we consider only solutions that stand out in terms of sustainability , energy efficiency and recycling-capacity of raw materials.