Metallwerke Renner

The entire product life cycle, from product design to construction, surface-finish, mounting and delivery, takes place in Ahlen, the company’s headquarter.

We perceive ourselves as a innovative think tank with state-of-the-art production facilities.


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 RENNER Careers


There are various opportunities to develop your potential in the exciting and diversified RENNER work place. We as RENNER employees work with passion and constant personal commitment. In our friendly atmosphere we have a common notions of cooperation and partnership. This means we can rely on each other.

RENNER stands for:

  • A leading company in the metal industry
  • Innovative technologies and new directions
  • Modern leadership , fair colleagues and a good work environment
  • A creative education as a solid foundation
  • Short distances as well as fast decision-making
  • Targeted staff development at all levels
  • Continuous growth of products, represented in many European countries.
  • A highly motivated team made up of  "energetic youngsters" and "experienced hands".

In all potential candidates we look for the following abilities:

  • Independent and open-minded individuals
  • Excellent social and communication skills
  • Teamwork and flexibility
  • Good performance
  • Computer proficiency

Please send you applications to: